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Working at Yankee Candle Company

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Yankee Candle Company

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Yankee Candle Company Employee Reviews

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Yankee Candle Company Employee Reviews

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Yankee Candle

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Before we left, I wrote down the address in case we had time to stop and I am glad we did. It was a nice break from running up and down.

Yankee Candle Company began inas penniless Mike Kittredge, age 16, melted crayons to form a candle as a Christmas present for his Mom. A neighbor, mesmerized by his fabulous creation, expressed her desire to purchase one of his candles; thus Yankee Candle Company was born.

A case study of Yankee Candle Company and its common stock focusing on shareholder value and share repurchases. Get To Know Your WILLIAMSBURG, VA Store Step into the world of fragrance and discover all the possibilities for creating a warm and welcoming home.

From the inviting displays of our newest fragrances and familiar favorites, to home décor accessories, you'll experience America's best loved candles first abrasiverock.comon: WILLIAMSBURG FLAGSHIP STORE RICHMOND ROAD WILLIAMSBURG, VA About us.

Yankee Candle has become the #1 most-recognized name in the candle business and the country's best selling candle brand by sharing our customers' “passion for fragrance” in. Yankee Candle's main store is located in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, where the company also operates Chandler's Restaurant and the Yankee Candle .

Yankee candle company
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