Pyfits write to overwrite a file

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PyFITS Documentation, Release 2 - stsdas

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Raises an ``OSError`` if ``False`` and the output file. Subsequent operations can be performed to the data in memory and written out to yet another different file.2 Creating a New FITS File Creating a New Image File So far we have demonstrated how to read and update an existing FITS file.

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HD 140283 fits file

and the second containing floating point numbers: 6 Chapter 1. and write to a new. The PyFITS module is a Python library providing access to FITS files. FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) is a portable file standard widely used in the astronomy community to store images and tables.

write (filename[, overwrite]) This method could also be used to update a simple Source attribute that is saved in the pyfits header. Equivalent to = (value, comment). Parameters: key: str. Attribute name. If True, overwrite the output file if it exists. Next Previous.

Handling FITS files¶ Note. If you are already familiar with PyFITS, is in fact the same code as the latest version of PyFITS, and you can adapt old scripts that use PyFITS to use Astropy by simply doing: You can write the FITS file object to a file with.

The HDUList is # resized, so we need to write it to a tmp file, delete the # original file, and rename the tmp file to the original file. if self. __file.

compression == 'gzip': new_file = gzip.

Pyfits write to overwrite a file
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