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Like Dawn Seigler, the first-person protagonist of Love is the Law, Nick Mamatas is a fucking genius.

Nick Mamatas

He’s also had just about every gig you can imagine in the writing/publishing world. When he’s not writing novels, short stories, how-to books on writing or insulting people, he edits the. The first Apex of has six original stories (reviewed here), two reprints by the talented Cassandra Khaw and the venerable T.

Kingfisher (a.k.a. Ursula Vernon), three poems (I enjoyed “the saddest of angels” by Jeremy Paden), and the usual assortment of interviews, columns and editorials/5(6). Nick Mamatas says the following in Starve better, and I think he makes a good point here: “Start with a hook” is bad advice, ultimately, because of the word ‘hook’.

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A hook is an important part of a story to be sure, and could do anywhere. By Nick Mamatas. My latest book, Love is the Law, will be published by Dark Horse, which is primarily a comic book company with a sideline in prose books, in September. Most of those books are fantasy or science fiction, and Love is the Law is a crime novel, albeit one with a soupçon of the occult.

Book reviews, interviews, columns, and musings. Nick Mamatas is a writer who straddles interesting ground in contemporary fiction. To conclude, by way of cautionary advice, I’d like to share some advice from Nick Mamatas. For those who don’t know him, Nick is a former editor of the speculative fiction magazine Clarkesworld ; is the editor of the science fiction and fantasy imprint Haikasoru ; and is an author of various short stories and collections, and novels such as.

Nick mamatas writing advice columns
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