New york university creative writing classes

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Majors and Minors

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High School Programs

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A Wide-Ranging Curriculum

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The Creativity Workshop in New York City will help you become more creative in your personal and professional life. We use many techniques in creative writing memoir, art, photography, storytelling, mapmaking, mindfulness and guided visualization to help you explore your inner creativity.

Creative Writing Workshops (3 courses, 12 credits) Students will take at least three creative writing workshops in two different genres. Choose at least two (students may take one workshop twice). Creative Writing Literary Arts Programs.

Literary arts programs aim to foster the world of literature and languages on campus and beyond, through academic courses, reading and lecture events, awards, and community service.

what you'll learn. The creative writing major is designed for students who wish to pursue careers as writers of imaginative literature: fiction, poetry, the essay and drama.

So You Want to be a Writer?

The major is also good preparation for students who want to teach creative writing, for those who seek careers as editors, or for students who simply strive to find creative solutions in any field. Academics. Our world-class students, faculty, and scholars expect high achievement in pursuit of engaging the world's diverse challenges.

All of Gotham's in-person writing classes take place in New York City. NYC writing classes meet on a weekly basis (with the exception of one-session classes and some Teen classes). You interact with the same teacher and students each time, forming a writing .

New york university creative writing classes
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