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You asked for a listing of insurance companies that offer fire insurance policies in Connecticut. You asked for a separate list for Connecticut-based companies. Karin Romero, associate examiner in the Property and Casualty Division of the Connecticut Insurance Department, provided us.

AttPro RRG will write lawyer professional liability insurance for solo attorneys and law firms, with an initial focus on the New Jersey and New York markets.”.

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In re Lumbermen's Underwriting Alliance New York, NY Brings together all facets of the legal profession to address the key challenges facing the industry. Register. Insolvencies. Company Name Date of Insolvency NAIC Lumbermens Underwriting Alliance.

Red Rock Insurance Company. Ullico Casualty Insurance Co. Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Company (consolidated with American Manufacturers Mutual Insurance Company and American Motorist Insurance.

Lumbermen's Underwriting Alliance provides commercial property and insurance coverage services. Its products include building as well as personal property insurance, specialty policies, employer liability coverage, surety bonds and workers compensation plans.

The company was founded on January 9, and is headquartered in Boca Raton, F L.

Lumbermens underwriting alliance new york
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New York Justice Closes Ancillary Receivership For Lumbermen’s Underwriting - Lexis Legal News