Ias 18 revenue recognition

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IAS 18 Revenue

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Under IAS 18 revenue is measurable at 'the fair value of the consideration received or receivable'. In essence, this is the fair market price less any discounts or rebates received.

If a sale is a cash. IAS 38 outlines the accounting requirements for intangible assets, which are non-monetary assets which are without physical substance and identifiable (either being separable or arising from contractual or other legal rights).

Intangible assets meeting the relevant recognition criteria are initially measured at cost, subsequently measured at cost or using the revaluation model, and amortised.

IAS 18 - Revenue Recognition. STUDY. PLAY. what section is rev rec. IAS 18 / ASPE when is rev rec in sale of goods (ALL CRITERIA) - the seller has transferred to the buyer the significant risks and rewards of ownership (return policies, FOB shipping point, consignment**). Introduction to IAS 18 Revenue.

Posted by Pete; IAS 18 Revenue, IFRS, Revenue; Overview. Revenue is the name given to an entity’s income that arises in the ordinary course of activities and is known by a number of other names including: (IAS 39 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Disclosure).

4 | IAS 18 Revenue RECOGNITION AND MEASUREMENT Revenue shall be measured at the fair value of the consideration received or receivable taking into. The accounting standard IAS 18 sets out the criteria and treatment for recognising and accounting for revenue.

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Differences between GAAP and IFRS on Revenue Recognition Ias 18 revenue recognition
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IAS 18 — Revenue