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For more than years, the Byrnes & Kiefer Company (B&K) has manufactured superior-quality baking supplies and baked goods to drive value for bakeries. Company Profile:n&k Technology, Inc., of San Jose, California, was founded in by Drs. Rahim Forouhi and Iris Bloomer.

The company manufactures exceptionally high resolution, state-of-the-art scatterometry (OCD) and thin film metrology tools for the semiconductor, photomask, data. Company K observes all the antiheroic conventions of the between-wars decades; yet author March was himself a Marine Corps noncom wounded three times, who won a D.S.C., Navy Cross, and Croix de Guerre, and had every right to the bitter pity with which he wrote his novel.

Among its characters, every military type is represented—the good.

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