A study on the coming new age of aquarius

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Age of Aquarius

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Age of Aquarius

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So, when did this new Age of Aquarius begin? The thing is that there seems to be some disagreement on it, whether it was in the 19th century or even just a few years ago. Sep 21,  · Music by Mystic Sage. Produced by Shadowlea This is about the coming age of Aquarius and the influences of the ancient past Visit my abrasiverock.com://w.

Many wonder whether we've already entered the new Age of Aquarius, or whether we're still transitioning out of the Age of Pisces and the new Age is yet to come. That said, we can begin the study by remembering that a Great Age, being + years, yields about 72 years per degree in a Great Age.

in fact, everything that we confront in. Feb 22,  · The new age world view is coincided with and works hand in hand with Freemasonry, and Theosophy movements. They also teach that each age is sparked by a New Age teacher, Jesus Christ being the harbinger of Pisces, and a new teacher will arise for the age of Aquarius.

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Coming up next: Theoretical wave of spiritual energy that would wash over the Earth as it entered a new astrological cycle known as the Age of Aquarius. The New Age Movement united a body of.

A study on the coming new age of aquarius
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