A reflection of the first ride in my new car

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Features & Specs

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My First Ride in My New Car: Mumbai To Aurangabad & Back

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First Ride: Yeti’s New SB That’s a distraction and not at all a reflection of how much the bike companies are ripping us off. Do people not go far enough away from their car to need.

Dec 27,  · Finally reached home at around pm and hit the bed at around am. Total distance covered that day was kms and over the weekend it was kms. Overall it was a nice comfortable and smooth weekend ride/trip where my whole family enjoyed a lot.

Now a short review about the Car and the ride: What I loved: 1. I am still learning about my new vehicle.

7 Things Everyone Should Do Before They Ride a Motorcycle

I need to keep reading the manual to learn about features, some if which I haven't yet figured out. I think, as I go through the manual and learn more about the vehicle, I may even like it more. I still haven't figured out why certain screens appear, and probably need to be more technologically literate.

Jun 29,  · Car Audio moving forward. A reflection. Thread starter JonUrban; Start date Jun What brings all of this on is that my new car has arrived at the Acura dealership for me to pick up this weekend, and for the first time in my life I am getting a car that will not play any purchasable media.

my very first mod to a car was when I started.

MODERATORS A reflection of the first ride in my new car
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My First Ride in My New Car: Mumbai To Aurangabad & Back